It’s Just a Phase


I don’t know about you guys but this week has been a real shit storm.

Between the sentient Cheeto in office tweeting transphobic nonsense and the Justice Department saying that Title VII doesn’t protect discrimination against LGBTQ folks in the workplace it’s felt like my community has just been kicked in the gut. It’s also triple digits outside and I don’t feel like getting out and DOING anything because of it, so I spent most of the week just stewing.

Then in the last two days, I was reminded that my friends are fucking incredible humans, that I am incredibly lucky to have the support system I do, and that feelings ebb and flow.


The moon has been a constant comfort in my life since I was a wee chub. I feel lame that it took a damn sleep shirt from Wal-Mart (I hate them too but they are the only affordable source of plus sleepwear) of all places to remind me just why I need to always look to the moon when shit goes sideways.

I have little control over the events that happen in the world which affect my community and me. All I can do is try my best to make what differences I can, I can call my representatives, I can be vocal, I can support my trans siblings and the rest of my queer family. But I also have to be ok when the events in the world drain me, when I go dark and need to withdraw, and find peace in the knowledge that just like the moon I will come back to my full self because nothing in this life is constant. That knowledge doesn’t make everything better, it doesn’t make the world better, but it reminds me that I am resilient that we are all resilient.

I hope that the goddess lends you some peace in these troubled times, that there is something you can look to for comfort.

Remember this is just a phase.

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