School Daze Pt. 1

Hello again!

Well life, as it often does, got in the way for the last bit of February. And by life, I mean a delightful combo of being busy with school/work and also just not feeling me. It happens to the best of us and that’s ok. For me, it’s not that I feel just overall bad about myself but I just feel blah so I take some time to re-center and I go a little quiet on social media while I focus on getting a grip on my needs and obligations. Sometimes it seems like we try to force ourselves into this public sphere like we must keep up these appearances, but we really don’t have to. Social media should be something that’s fun and not something we feel chained to.

But now that the promise of spring break is here I’m feeling much more ready to hit the ground running!

Today was nothing special, just your typical Monday filled with homework, class, and grocery shopping; however, my new hair color inspired me to get cute for these mundane tasks because my stylist worked some straight up magic on my head.

I seriously have THE BEST stylist in the world because when I told her to just do what she wanted she created this bismuth looking masterpiece! If you live in or around San Marcos, Texas and you don’t go to The Parlour Salon to get your hair done I question your life choices because those folks are hair witches (esp. my boo Heather).

What can I say, I’m the daughter of a hair stylist so when my hair looks this good I feel fucking amazing! (As you can tell by this fat smile!)


Dress: Rue21 3x, Converse: W9, Vest: Thrifted

And of course I have to give the awesome Sugar Bones a shoutout for this perfect patch:


So yeah guys, never feel bad about taking time for you, often the clouds will roll away and you’ll feel like getting fancy again with time. Social media will be there when you get back.


Love you all!