Springtime in February

We are in the home stretch for Fatshion February!

I’m actually a little sad about it. True, I haven’t participated daily (who has time for that I mean honestly) but it has been a blast sharing looks with you guys.

This week was a doozy. I’m not sure why I’ve just been in kind of a crappy headspace. It happens to the best of us. But I really needed to use this weekend to re-center myself and do some self-care and that, my darlings, is exactly what I did.

My closest loves and I went to our favorite little wine spot in town (that is finally open on Saturday during the day praise the goddess!) and drank an exorbitant amount of cheap/strong mimosas ($6 a carafe are you kidding me) and ate pizza.


Then we went to Target and departed to our homes for a nap. We swear that we’re in our late 20’s and not our mid 50’s.

It was also in the high 80’s outside because seasons mean nothing, but that at least meant I got to get hella cute in this ModCloth blouse I snagged for a steal:


Blouse: ModCloth, Shorts: Rue21, Shoes: Self Esteem 9W, Hat: Target

I mean just look at all the CATS!


The Cat Lady Life chose me.

Bless ModCloth and their sales. One day I swear I will make a post about being a bargain babe because I honestly never buy things at full price.

But today, Sunday, I am fully content with not putting on pants and not leaving my house.

Love you all!





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