Fatter in Person

Fatshion February now with 90% more fat.

Social media is a tricky place. I talked a bit about this in my first post here but we often have a tendency to curate our images in these spaces to be ones that are exceptionally flattering. That isn’t always a bad thing, we should be able to choose the sides of ourselves that make us feel the most empowered and happy. But personally, I think it’s important to dissect why we find certain things to be flattering, is it because we are still adhering to what society says is acceptable or are we doing what makes us happy. If it’s the latter awesome! That’s what your space should be about, making you happy; but if your definition of flattering is based on what society says is ok it may be time to push those boundaries.

For me, those boundaries are linked to representation. Even now that we see far more plus size bodies represented than we used to very few of them look like me or any of the other fat folks I know. There’s an ‘acceptable’ way to be fat now and trust I am not it. I have small boobs, a fat face, my tummy is large, I have back fat, and I’m short. By most rules of ‘flattering,’ I should basically wear a muumuu, hide forever, or only show certain sides but I say fuck flattering. I’m fat from every side and I want to celebrate my body. I want people who are outside the ‘acceptable’ boundaries to feel empowered and represented.

So here’s me, fat from the front:


Hat: Target, Top: ModCloth, Jeans: Rue21, Booties: Torrid


All that VBO.

Here’s me, fat from the side:


Tummy love!

And here’s my back fat representing:


Rolls on rolls on rolls y’all!

The point I’m getting at is that you should make yourself happy no matter what. If you want to wear a back fat bearing crop top DO IT, if you prefer to dress more modestly DO IT, just make sure that whatever you do you’re doing it for you and not because you feel like you have to follow some rule book.

Love you guys,


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