Forever Fall

I hope you guys are loving Fatshion February as much as I am!

For those that don’t know let me fill you in: I live in Texas. I hate it. And one of the major reasons I hate it (that isn’t politics or culture related) it THE GODDAMN LACK OF SEASONS! I mean look at me, I’m in shorts on February 8th:

Hat: Target, Blouse: ModCloth 3X, Shorts: rue21 size 22, Shoes: Seychelles 9W

Don’t get it twisted, this look gave me life today (because after 2 nights of shit sleep something needed to), I felt adorable rocking all my VBO but ugh I have so many cute cozy looks that I’m dying to wear.

I’m sure if I had lived my whole life in a place where it’s always cold I’d be singing a different song at the thermometer reading 85 degrees but after 27 years I’m over it. I think that’s why despite it being February I went for something that has a Fall vibe, you know, rebelling against the blasphemous weather while not dying of heatstroke.

Beyond my angst about the weather, this look feels really empowering to me. There was a time not so long ago that I wouldn’t be caught dead with VBO, every top had to cover my belly outline and if it didn’t I hated it. Now, I will happily admit there are still times I struggle with showing off my VBO, and that is ok, you’re not going to feel… brazen (see what I did there =P) all the time. But, I encourage you to embrace it when you do feel it, don’t run from your boldness just dive into it and roll around in it, trust me people will notice how empowered you look/feel and you may just inspire them too.

Now for some fun outtakes because I’m an actual ham 95% of the time:

Love you guys,


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