I Put A ‘Hex’ On You

Fatshion February continues!

When I was a teen my aesthetic was unquestionably “Poor Kid Goth.” Add to that the fat element and I had to make some… creative choices. Now that the world of plus size fashion has expanded I’m able to flex those mosh pit honed muscles once again and create looks I never dreamed I could back then.

Hat: Target, Tunic: City Chic, Bralett: Torrid, Shorts: Rue21, Boots: Doc Marten’s

It also lets me flex my silver tongue a bit because while the world of plus size fashion has grown the minds of men haven’t.

In my formative years it wasn’t my dress size that drew ire (I’m maybe a size larger than I was then), it was my fashion choices, and I have to report that in the 10+ years since I walked the halls of my high school as an angsty sophomore jackasses still think it’s a good idea to comment on my looks.

Today when I was leaving class a rather fratty looking boy (I’m 27 so most of the males I encounter on my university’s campus are boys to me) quipped, “Ooooo, are you gonna hex me?”

Admittedly I was proud he used the term ‘hex’ since it’s so much more creative than ‘curse’ but that only gets you so far. I looked him in the eye and said, “I wasn’t planning on it but I’m sure I can pencil you in,” stared a moment longer, and sauntered off. Cowards never know what to do when you aren’t flustered by them.

Moving on from dumbfounded boys.

Since I didn’t make a post for the weekend I thought I’d give you a recap:

Saturday I grabbed a couple of glasses of wine with some of my favorite people in the world and rocked a whole different side of me that my best friend (and regular photographer) has coined “Spinster Chic.” My lady best featured here also got all dolled up. HOW GORGEOUS IS SHE I MEAN REALLY STAHP!

Blouse: Goodwill, Skirt: ModCloth, Shoes: Seychelles 

I also channeled some of my political rage into some hard femme embroidery pieces:


No Sunday look because I honestly spent all day in my ratty pj shirt and embroidered and made Sunday Sauce so… yeah.

Love you all!



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