No Thanks…

We are keeping the Fatshion February train rolling! And today it’s all about one of the best pieces of clothing I own.

The ever sought after “No Thanks” sweatshirt from Forever21 Plus:

Forever21 Plus Sweatshirt 3X, Torrid Jeggings 22, Self Esteem Flats 9W

I think I first saw Margot Meanie rocking this baby sometime last year and I immediately needed it in my life; of course, it was sold out. Then many months later they finally restocked it and I didn’t think twice about adding it to my wardrobe.

Every single time I wear this a woman tells me she loves it. I think there’s something about a piece of clothing that nicely tells people to fuck off that women are just naturally drawn to.

And this being Fatshion February let’s take a moment to appreciate these fat rolls! I’d say a majority of the photos I have of myself are either selfies or I’m standing and part of this whole body love journey is loving yourself from every perspective. I remember hating how I looked in the random photo that would pop up of me sitting down because of those rolls but now I love photos like this because, hey, fuck it this is what I look like when I’m sitting. Mind you this took some time, learning to love your body for what it is instead of hating it for what it isn’t is a long journey, but when you get over those big hurdles it feels amazing.

And for funsies here are some outtakes because I’m kind of ridiculous (thank god my photographer human likes me):

Love you!


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